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Six Security Tips For Property Owners And Apartment Managers

As a landlord or property manager, one of your biggest concerns is keeping your building and tenants safe. The best way to ensure that your property will be secure, deter crime, and protect your tenants is with the installation of a security...Read More

4 Factors To Consider When Buying a Home Security Camera

Technology is a constantly changing thing. We witness innovations all the time. Along with this, the world of security has also advanced. Home Safety Every resident of FL wants to feel safe and secure inside their homes. It is a place where you...Read More

3 Places You Can Install Home Surveillance Cameras

Home surveillance cameras are a great way to prevent thieves from breaking into your , FL house. The presence of a security system alone can really help decrease the chances of a burglary. Statistics show that homes are at a 300% higher risk of...Read More

Alibi Security Cloud VS Success Story-White Barn Wedding Venue

Like many wedding venues that experience high-traffic from customers, staff, and vendors, White Barn encountered safety liability issues like wet floors, tipsy guests, and trespassers. They needed a security system that would provide 24/7...Read More

How Does a Cloud Camera Complement an On-Premise Video Surveillance Solution?

Many organizations face limitations with a traditional on-premise video security system.  However, common challenges such as physical equipment failures and data loss can be solved by adding cloud cameras to critical key areas. In this blog...Read More

Things To Remember Before Installing Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

So, you have finally decided which security camera is best for your property in . You probably already sketched a rough draft of your home’s layout or otherwise printed your property’s blueprint so you could plot the specific spots to...Read More

Smarter Storage: How Cloud Video Surveillance Provides On-Demand Scalability

In today’s fast-moving, security-sensitive climate, businesses require a scalable system to support the needs of their growing business. Whether data back-up is required by law, or solely for risk-mitigation, cloud video surveillance solves...Read More

How Does Cloud Video Surveillance Enhance Security

On-premise security systems may not be going away anytime soon, but the cloud is here to stay. So, which one offers greater security? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the main benefits of cloud surveillance, including data protection,...Read More

Keeping Your Elderly Parents Safe And Secure

In , seniors make up about 15% of the total population. Their population is projected to nearly double across the United States in the next 40 years. Our parents are living longer which is a good thing, but they are not always physically capable of...Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Security Camera System

In today’s world, with the advent of technological advancements comes the creation of devices designed to keep you as secure as possible from outside threats. This includes security camera systems for your , FL home. In the past, you may have...Read More

Your Security Cameras Could Help The Police Solve Crimes

More and more homeowners are electing to have surveillance cameras mounted on the inside and outside of their homes. There are good reasons for people taking this action. According to the FBI, an estimated 1,230,149 burglaries occurred across the...Read More

3 Key Benefits of Cloud vs. On-Premise Video Security Systems

Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and it’s become easier than ever to incorporate video surveillance into a security plan. Making sure it meets local network security requirements, ensures video footage retention and is a...Read More

What Can My Security Footage Be Used For

It’s well known that your , FL security system works to keep your home or business safe. Security cameras record footage you can use to scare away criminals, but what else could your footage be used for? For business and homeowners all across...Read More

Public Parks Need Video Surveillance To Stay Safe

Like many parks and public places in , the area has been described as a quiet and peaceful area. It’s a place where citizens can go for a relaxing stroll or day out with the kids. Unfortunately, much of that could change. What Can Happen? It...Read More

Things To Think About When Purchasing Your Young Adult A Home Monitoring System

Eventually, the time will come when a person's son or daughter chooses to leave the nest. Some parents look forward to the day. They feel like it leaves them with an empty house to do as they please. However, other guardians dread the occasion....Read More

What Are The Benefits Of Remote Surveillance Monitoring?

Ever wish that you had a crystal ball to see what’s going on at your office when you aren’t there? If so, you’re in luck because remote surveillance monitoring is the next best thing. It allows you to have eyes in the sky no...Read More

How To Protect Your House of Worship

When we think of houses of worship, we think of a community center that offers support and safety for its members. Unfortunately, in today’s world, houses of worship like churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques in , FL have become targets...Read More

The Challenges Of Campus Security

When a campus has their annual security assessment or audient, the chances are high that they’re like to find some sort of vulnerabilities. Campuses, whether in , FL or elsewhere in the country, are simply complex to completely secure....Read More

What To Do When Your Doorbell Camera Captures Something Suspicious

Doorbell cameras have become popular in recent years. They are great at catching people in the act of theft or vandalism. They can increase home security not only for the homeowner, but for the community as well. If you own a doorbell camera and...Read More

Active Surveillance Is An Effective Way To Prevent Apartment Car Theft

Car thieves will often target apartment parking lots and garages in and around , FL when they’re looking for something to steal.  With so many people coming and going they don’t look suspicious, and since there are so many in one...Read More

3 of the Most Common Robbery Locations

It is said that a robbery occurs every thirteen seconds which is not something we really want to have to think about, but it happens in , FL. That is one of the reasons we need security in place for our homes and businesses. The following are three...Read More

Shut Down Your Teens House Party Before It Begins

When your teenager has an unauthorized, unsupervised party, it can easily turn into a disaster. This is especially true when a large group mixes with alcohol and drugs. Opening the door to a teen party opens the door for accidents, injuries, and...Read More

Things To Consider When Shopping For Surveillance Systems

A comprehensive security system in , FL is very crucial to provide proper surveillance as well as give you a peace of mind whenever you are around or not. To avoid theft or intrusion into your home or property in , FL, a good security camera...Read More

4 Main Advantages of Using Security Cameras

With the number of thefts and robberies increasing in , FL, it is essential for business and homeowners to keep their properties safe. Fortunately, cutting-edge security and closed circuit television (CCTV) solutions make protecting one's investment...Read More

Security Camera Buying Guide For Quality-Conscious People

The role of surveillance cameras goes beyond routine use for , FL public security monitoring by cops. Nowadays, families and business organizations have reaped many benefits that come with the latest security technology. From basic camera systems...Read More

7 Reasons to Choose an LED Security Monitor

LED (light emitting diode) security displays offer several benefits over liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors. We've put together a quick-hit list of 7 compelling reasons for switching from an LCD monitor to an LED display in FL. 1. Slender...Read More

7 Tips to Maintain Your Video Surveillance System

To ensure your surveillance system in , FL is performing at its best, performing regular scheduled maintenance is recommended. Regular maintenance allows you to get the most optimal performance out of your surveillance system and protect your...Read More

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